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Wild Soul Cacao

Helping to heal the hearts of humanity, one mug at a time.
100% raw Peruvian & Ecuadorean Ceremonial Grade Cacao,
ethically and lovingly sourced from small, native communities.

This sacred plant medicine invokes love, ecstasy, emotional well-being, heart-healing and transformation!
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A Powerful Heart Healing Medicine

Mother Cacao has been considered by the Mayans as a sacred Plant Medicine for thousands of years. Her native home is Central & South America, and you will usually see Cacao from Peru, Guatemala & Ecuador and sometimes Colombia and Costa Rica too. Her medicine is now spreading around the planet, helping heal the hearts of many, in a beautiful and profound way. She is here to help each and every one of us to step into our truth and authenticity, with the deepest and most purest Love. 

She is the true medicine of the physical and emotional Heart, helping each individual who works with her to open their hearts in a profound way. Old emotional blockages may be released, old patterns of behaviour broken, trauma brought to the surface for healing and an inevitable raise in the vibration for the person receiving her medicine. SO much Love is poured into every aspect of your being when you begin to work with Cacao, that there becomes no space for the lower vibrational energies of fear, shame or guilt to reside. By drinking her as a daily elixir or journeying with her during ceremony, you will begin a deep and powerful healing journey into the depths of your soul. You will have the opportunity to love yourself more than you ever have, meaning you will be able to love others more fully too.

What is Ceremonial Cacao? 


Ceremonial Criollo Cacao comes from bio-diverse forests, with trees that live and work symbiotically with each other. This provides the highest levels of nutrients, medicinal properties and habitats for all types of wildlife. Most commercial chocolate comes from mono-crop cacao trees, that are farmed purely for the cacao, often without regard for the ecosystems or surrounding nature, plants or wildlife. Ceremonial grade cacao (and Wild Soul Cacao!) is naturally higher in medicinal properties and nutrients than regular chocolate or low grade cacao and is grown with reverence, honour, and respect by the native farmers. This means that the energy and vibration of the cacao beans is pure, clear and powerful!

If you haven't heard of her before, she is the rawest, most pure form of the chocolate. Ceremonial Cacao is created from the 100% raw beans, which are harvested and fermented and then ground down into a paste using the naturally occurring cacao butter. This paste then solidifies into what we call Ceremonial Cacao paste, which usually looks like a beautiful, chocolatey block. Her colours and textures can vary depending on the grower, her place of origin and the cacao butter content within the particular strain of Cacao. From here, she can then be chopped or grated with love and intention, and made into a powerful elixir to open your heart and connect you to the truth that lies within your being.



What Are The Health Benefits?


Soothing To The Nervous System

Cacao stimulates the release of endorphins, bringing sensations of pleasure, relaxation and decreased pain. Endorphins act like natural morphine in the body! She also contains magnesium and potassium which are essential for psychological health, helping to regulate the nervous system.


Feel Good Mood Booster 

Cacao contains phenyethylamine, the chemical produced when falling in love, helping to enhance the mood and create feelings of euphoria and joy!


Regulates Sleep, Mood & Apatite 

The tryptophan in Cacao increases the production of serotonin, which boosts the mood, regulates sleep, eases pain and balances the apatite.


Packed Full of Vitamins & Minerals 

Cacao is packed full of anti-oxidants, helping to balance blood sugar levels and boost the circulatory system. She contains: magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, phosphorous and chromium.


Energy Boosting & Heart Health 

Containing high levels of theobromine, flavonoids and potassium, helping to boost the heart rate and circulation, balance blood pressure, reduce inflammation and strengthen the respiratory health. Unlike coffee, cacao doesn’t have a ‘crash,’ her energy keeps you going all day!


Focus, Motivation and Clarity 

Cacao stimulates the release of Dopamine which increases the function of neurotransmitters in the brain. This brings clarity, increased focus, motivation and positivity.


Glowing Skin 

Filled with anti-oxidants, cacao boost the production of collagen, increase cellular healing and counteract signs of ageing. 



Cacao is a stimulant due to the theobromine, so increases blood flow, promotes heart-felt feeling of connection and love and fills our systems with the bliss molecule :) She also contains arginine which is a natural form of viagra within the body. Phew!!


Love Chemicals!! 

Cacao contains anandamide which is known as the 'pleasure molecule.' This is released when we have really deep, heart-felt experiences like making love with a partner. It fills you full of potent orgasmic energy!


Natural Consciousness Shifting Properties

The combination of tryptophan and theobromine in Cacao creates a natural high, whilst also relaxing the whole nervous system and opening the heart. This can create mild psychoactive effects, opening the third eye chakra and helping you to open to Love.


Emotional Healing & Heart-Opening

Cacao activates and opens the emotional heart, healing to bring old wounds to the surface to be healed. A very powerful and supportive medicine for any healing journey you may be embarking upon.



Who is Mother Cacao?


Mother Cacao is considered by the Mayans and so many people across the globe today, as a plant medicine. The goddess of Chocolate holds a divinely feminine energy, helping to open the heart and bring healing to the wounded parts of ourselves. She is gentle, yet powerful, strong yet sassy, soft and nurturing. She holds deep wisdom of the heart, and creates a safe container for you to tap into your innate gifts, creativity, inner-knowing, intuition, psychic abilities, body wisdom, life path and soul’s calling. She is a superfood, a potent plant medicine, a mother, a guide, a teacher and a friend. 



How Can I Work With Cacao?



Creative Expression (art, writing, music, singing, poetry…)

Shamanic Journeying

Dance & Movement


Nature Connection

Heart Healing & Trauma Work

Womb Healing 

Connection to Loved Ones

Conscious Communication

Improve Intuition & Psychic Abilities

To Gain Wisdom, Guidance and Insights from The Spirit of Cacao

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