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Cacao Ceremonies

What is a
Wild Soul Cacao Ceremony?

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One-To-One Cacao Ceremonies

One-To-One Cacao Ceremonies

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Combing the deeply powerful medicine of Mother Cacao with a guided shamanic journey, to gain insights, messages and guidance on an intention that really resonates with you and your life at this time. Cacao is a very powerful heart opening medicine, helping you to connect to deep seated emotions, traumas or woundings that are causing unhealthy patterns, pains or disruption in your life. She can also help you to connect to your creativity, to find your passion and purpose, to celebrate your joy and connect deeper to your ability to love. Her medicine always starts with the self, working firstly on your heart and your connection to your soul or higher self. We will drink Cacao together at the beginning of the session (whether this is online or in person) to set your powerful intention, before settling down to go on a shamanic journey into the other world to meet with the Spirit of Cacao. It is here that you will be able to ask questions regarding your intention and to also receive any messages or insights that she has for you. This is a truly beautiful, expansive, heart-healing session which I feel honoured to be able to offer!

Are you:

Feeling lost, stuck or blocked with how to move forward in your life?

Repeating old patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you?

Experiencing blockages around abundance and financial flow?

In need of heart-healing from an emotional wounding, break-up, trauma or experience?

Feeling the call to connect deeper to your feminine aspect?


This is a very deep and powerful session which has the ability to shift energy in quite a transformational way, so I really invite you to treat this journey with Cacao as a very special and sacred step on your path forward. I always work intuitively in a compassionate and gently feminine way, so although the work is deep, it is never forced or pushed. I will always hold you in a strong and nurturing container throughout.

A Little Bit About Cacao....

Cacao is an ancient and sacred plant medicine that helps to open the heart chakra and connect you to your deeply divine feminine nature. She will assist you and guide you throughout the session with gentleness and love. Cacao has many incredible health benefits for the physical, emotional and psychological parts of our selves, some of which I have listed below. For a deeper understanding of the power of Cacao, please see my Blog Post:


Blog Post:

 Ceremonial Cacao - The Divine Feminine Plant Medicine

Mood Boosting - 'Bliss Chemical'




Mental Clarity and Focus






Creativity & Flow


Heart & Womb Healing


Aphrodisiac & Connection to Sexuality 


Energy Boosting


Consciousness Shifting

Cacao Benefits

How A Session Works 


Once you have booked your Cacao Ceremony, I will post you out a little package with some Cacao along with instructions on how to prepare your sacred elixir. We will then begin the session by drinking ceremonial cacao together and setting your intentions for the journey. I will then ask you to make yourself cosy and comfy with blankets, cushions, pillows and candles and I will take you on a guided journey/visualisation. There will be a chance for you to to receive healing, messages and guidance from Cacao and any other guides or beings that you meet. We will then return and spend the last part of the session sharing and talking through your messages/visions and creating intentions to carry forward into your life.


With the in-person session we will drink Cacao together in-person whilst setting your intention, but otherwise the session stays the same :)

Booking Your Session

Length: 2 hours (120 mins)


Price: £120.00



What's Included In The Session?


1 x 30 min Intention Setting Zoom Call

1 x Dose of Ceremonial Grade Cacao for the Ceremony

A Guided Shamanic Journey to Meet The Spirit of Cacao

Sharing & Reflections


1 x 30 min After-Care Zoom Call 

(this will be booked for 2 weeks after your initial cacao journey)

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