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Cacao Facilitator Apprenticeship Training 2024

March 2024 + October 2024

Do You Wish To Become a Ceremonial Space Holder For Cacao?

I am deeply excited to announce that I will be running One-to-One Cacao Facilitator Apprenticeships in 2024. This 8 Week Journey will teach you all that you need to know about Cacao, to be able to hold your own cacao ceremonies as a trained ceremonial space holder.


I work with each person one-to-one, so that I can fully tailor the training to meet the individuals dreams and inspirations of how to bring Cacao into their work with integrity.


This course also involves deep self-healing and reflection through working intimately with Cacao, which can bring about deep transformation in the personal life, on all levels. 

Image by Leonard Asuque

The Apprenticeship Will Include...

Weekly 2.5 Hour Zoom Sessions -  Which are a mix of theory, ceremony and healing journeys

Theory lessons, one-to-one healing sessions for the apprentice, shamanic journeying, embodiment practices, journalling, cacao dieta, oracle work, channeling cacao, weekly heart share, support via whatsapp throughout the whole 8 weeks

Online Resource -  a beautifully crafted online resource that includes all course notes + everything that you need to know about cacao. History, stories, lots of recipes, ritual, ceremony, meditations, practices and much more 

Support and guidance will be given to help you in creating your own cacao ceremonies, that are in alignment with you

9 Case Studies - to be completed by the apprentice before certification is given

3 x One-to-One Ceremonies

3 x Small Cacao Circles

3 x Larger Cacao Ceremonies

You will have the oppertunity to attend 3 of my cacao ceremonies, so that you can observe ceremonial space holding first hand.

Wholesale Prices for Wild Soul Cacao forever

1 x 450g bag of Peruvian Cacao + a handcrafted Cacao Mug from Devon, as a welcome gift

When Is The Training Running?

Intake 1

March - May 2024

We will begin just after the New Moon on the 10th March - your start date will be flexible from the week beginning 11th March. We will choose a regular day that you can do each week, and will begin your training on that day for 8 weeks.

Intake 2 

October - November 2024


We will begin during the week of the New Moon which is on the 2nd of October. Your start date will during this week, the week beginning 30th September. We will choose a regular day that you can commit to each week, and you will begin your training on that day for 8 weeks.


What is Included Week by Week?
This is a brief outline, and is subject to change slightly. This is just to give you an idea :)

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Week 1

Opening Ceremony & Meeting Cacao

Drinking Cacao 

Cacao's Story Visualisation

Shamanic Journey

Week 2 

One-to-One Healing Ceremony (for apprentice)

Setting Intentions & Drinking Cacao

Shamanic Journey To Meet The Spirit of Cacao

Sharing & Integration

Week 3

Ceremonial Space Holding Theory

Drinking Cacao 



Week 4

One-to-One Ceremony (for apprentice)

Setting Intentions & Drinking Cacao

Shamanic Journey To Meet The Spirit of Cacao

Sharing & Integration

Week 5

Ritual and Ceremony

Drink Cacao

Theory & Practices

Visualisation to create your own ceremony

Week 6

Case Study (apprentice hold me in a healing ceremony)

Setting Intentions

Drinking Cacao

Apprentice plans their own one-to-one ceremony 

Week 7 

Channeling With Cacao & Oracular Medicine

Drink Cacao

Teaching how to connect to cacao and channel 

Channelling Practice & Oracle Cards/Tools

Week 8

Closing Ceremony

Drinking Cacao

Intentions & Reflections



PLEASE NOTE: There is a more detailed version of this which I will email to you upon application. Please note that this outline is adapted for each individual apprentice to suit their needs.

Image by Tetiana Bykovets

Is This Course For You?

Before you apply for your space on the Facilitator Training, please read the following and make sure that this course is really for you:

As an apprentice it is essential that you have time in your life for this training, and that you are committed to showing up each week, doing the practices, homework and diving deep with the medicine. This is not a course that can be done half-heartedly, Mother Cacao calls for integrity of word, commitment and respect when working with her medicine.

This training is only open to people who have some prior experience in space holding. Whether it be yoga sessions, circles, groups, client sessions, events. This is not a course for total novices in regards to space holding, I am currently developing an Introductory Course to bridge the gap for this, so please stay tuned if this applies to you!

The Training will be tailored to your inspirations and dreams of how to bring Cacao into your work. Examples of this may be: sister circles/brothers circles, ecstatic dances, yoga, sound healing sessions, meditation, shamanic healing, womb circles/healing work, tantric workshops, outdoor therapy, coaching sessions, art therapy, ceremonial tattoos, ceremonial haircuts... plus many many other types of sessions!


Case studies are mandatory to receiving your certification. These are to be completed during the course, and you will have up to 6 months to complete them. If I am able to, I will attend at least one of your case studies in person or online. You will have the oppertunity and guidance to create your own ceremonies during the course, to be in alignment with the work that you wish to bring to the world!




Image by Leonard Asuque

Application Process

I will be taking a maximum of 2 apprentices per intake. This work is incredibly in-depth, and it feels integral that I can be present with you for the whole 8 weeks without feeling overstretched.

There will be an application process which you can access by the button below, and each applicant will have a 40 min zoom call with me to ask any questions, learn more about the training and to give me an opportunity to learn more about your intentions for the training.

There will also be a waiting list for anyone who doesn't get through for this year, and you will be made aware if a space becomes available.


Total Price For The 8 Weeks: £1,111

There is a non-refundable deposit of £333
The remaining balance can be paid in full, or via instalments. The balance of the course must be paid by the last day of the trainin
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For more information, or to have a chat before applying, please email me at
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